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Cognitive Rehabilitation
Orlando Neuropsychology and Counseling Center provides cognitive rehabilitation services to facilitate improved cognitive functioning following traumatic brain injury and stroke. Cognitive rehabilitation involves an initial neuropsychological evaluation to detemine areas of weakness.  Once deficits are identified, a treatment plan is developed to address current difficulties.  Developing compensatory strategies with the use of daily planners, checklists, medication organizers, use of a notepad, and digital reminders is very useful.  Cognitive-rehabilitation may address development of consistent daily structure and routine.  Mood difficulties such as depression, anxiety, and agitation was quite common following any injury to the brain.  Cognitive-rehabilitation may include counseling to identify and address negative thoughts and beliefs pertaining to injury and dysfunction which may contribute to depressed mood.  Servics may idenfy and address behavioral issues related to alcohol or substance usage or abuse, which may exacerbate current difficulties.  Counseling services may develop improved daily problem-solving and resolution skills, which may be impacted by head injury.  Counseling services may develop improved stress-management and relaxation skills to address anxiety and agitation commonly associated with brain injury.  
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